April 25, 2024

April 25, 2024
Posted on 04/25/2024
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Thank you for the many kind comments about my daughter’s wedding. As promised, here are a few photos. My little girl took my breath away when I saw her for the first time in her wedding dress!! It was a beautiful wedding and I loved dancing to Butterfly Kisses” with my daughter!

This week I will mention the following:


  • Slime

  • Learning Style Requests

  • 1st Grade American Symbols Performance

  • Fire Drill

  • 2nd Grade Zoo

  • PD Day




Why a few sentences about slime you ask?? Well, on Tuesday, Mr. Novak was slimed by many students because of our successful American Heart Association fundraiser! The top earners dumped a cup of green, sparkly slime on his head, with the last two sixth graders dumping the remaining slime in the bucket. Mr. Novak was awesome and thanks to our outstanding CME community for the support!! I am sure he had to take a few showers Tuesday evening.




Thank you to those who emailed me about learning styles and friend requests. The window has closed so please do not send any additional emails. Also, a reminder that we can not honor specific teacher requests, and always try to honor at least one friend request.




We had our monthly fire drill yesterday! This one was a bit different as we had Cole, who was our Fire Marshall for the day, pull the alarm. He ensured that all students made it out of our building safely, gave the all-clear once outside, had Mr. Ryan turn off the alarm. He then recorded the alarm in our log. Cole did an outstanding job of being our Fire Marshall. Who knows, maybe Cole may be a fireman because of his experience on Wednesday.



Our first graders were adorable Wednesday afternoon as they performed for their parents. Dressed in red, white, and blue shirts they sang patriotic songs, shared some historical facts, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and even danced. We also had a Veteran perform Taps on his trumpet. A huge shout out to Ms. Muller for working with our first graders.




This morning our second graders held a Zoo Open House for students. They worked very hard on it, and it was so cool to view the finished products. I am sure they learned a ton about various animals.




Our last PD day for the year is tomorrow. While your family is enjoying a three-day weekend, our staff will be in various trainings, and listening to a State of the District address from our superintendent, Mrs. Erin Kane.


Looks like we have some rain coming our way - have you fertilized your lawn yet?!?!



Wedding Pic

Wedding Pic

Wedding Pic

Slime Event

Fire Marshall

American Symbols

2nd Grade Zoo Project

Wacky Tourist Day - Spirit Day

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