Librarian: Allison Troxel
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Copper Mesa Library Expectations

Here at the Copper Mesa Library, we are honored to be a part of your student’s educational journey. Our library resources offer a variety of literature and activities to enhance student enjoyment of stories as well as to support the research and critical thinking skills taught in our classrooms and throughout our campus. We love seeing your student’s smile each time they come into the library and especially love helping them find that special book that will ‘hook’ them into being a lifelong reader and learner.

To ensure your child’s experience is all that it can be, there are some expectations that we would like to share. Your support and encouragement of these “Life Skills” are so appreciated.

Check-Out Policy

K-1st Grades may check out one book each week (1st grade may increase to two books when the teacher advises).

2nd & 3rd Grades may check out two books each week.

4th, 5th, and 6th Grades may check out up to three books each week (additional books are permitted for research projects).

Notices and Fines

In our library, we do not charge fines for late books. However, if a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will be asked to pay for the replacement cost of the book. Overdue notices will be emailed once a month (for our younger students friendly reminders may be brought home in their backpacks). At the end of the school year, notices will be sent out if there are any overdue books (including lost and damaged books that have not been replaced). Fees will be assessed and applied by the district to your student’s RevTrak account.

Book Care

Students should find a special place to keep library books so that they do not get lost or damaged (backpacks are recommended). We provide baggies for our younger students. Please do not eat or drink when reading our books. Please keep away from pets. Please let library staff know of damage to a book and/or pages so they can be repaired. Thank you!

Additional Resources

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