April 4, 2024

April 4, 2024
Posted on 04/04/2024
CME Blast
CME BlastApril 4, 2024

News from Steve

Dear Copper Mesa Community,

I hope you all had a wonderful and Happy Easter last Sunday. The weather was nice enough, although a bit windy, to hide the eggs outside! And if you have any leftover Easter candy, we will be happy to take it off your hands!


This week I will mention the following:


  • Spirit Days

  • CMAS

  • Solar Eclipse

  • Learning Styles

  • National Assistant Principal Week

  • Playground After School




We have several spirit days planned with the first one tomorrow - honoring the Rockies home opener we are encouraging everyone to wear Rockies spirit wear or anything with purple, silver, and black. Then on Monday, in honor of March Madness, everyone is encouraged to wear any college spirit wear or the colors of their favorite college. Then on Friday of next week, we are recognizing Autism Awareness Month by wearing the shirt that your kiddos may have purchased from CME or by wearing blue!!




CMAS has been occurring this week and I have been so proud of our primary students for being respectful as they are walking on the highways and for making positive posters. (Check out the ones from our kindergartners!) Of course, our intermediate students have been truly awesome for persevering and trying their best on this assessment. Next week, our 3rd-6th graders will be taking the Math portion of the assessment! Encourage your child to get lots of rest, eat a great breakfast and do their very best! Their performance on this assessment helps us understand what we are doing well when teaching the grade level standards and where we need to improve, so when students do their very best, we get a true picture of how we can continue to grow and get even better!




Some of our classes have been learning about the solar eclipse that is happening on Monday, April 8th! This includes reading books and watching videos about an eclipse and its workings. Copper Mesa has decided that we will not be taking classes outside as we cannot guarantee that a student might not take their glasses off (if they had a pair) and harm their eyes. But, we welcome parents to come and sign their child out and go outside to see this solar phenomenon! The eclipse will be happening between 11:28 and 1:54 with the most blockage at 12:40. See the link below:


You can sign your child out at the office out on our field, view the eclipse as a family, sign them back in, and have them return to class.



Similar to previous years, you are welcome to email me your child’s preferred learning style and environment, this will be taken into consideration when forming class lists. You can also share who your children would benefit from being in class with. As I am sure you can understand, having only two sections in each grade level again next year makes it difficult to honor requests. Please do not email me specific teacher requests, I am unable to honor them. Please share your thoughts with me by email before April 22nd.




National Assistant Principals Week, April 1–5, 2024, is a celebration of the unsung heroes in our education system. These dedicated folks work tirelessly to bolster teachers, motivate students, support their principal, create a positive learning community, and face the many unpredictable challenges that land on their desks. Assistant Principals play a crucial role, and this week is a dedicated time to recognize Candice Laviaguerre for her hard work and commitment to Copper Mesa! Please join me in celebrating Candice!! And of course, we also have been celebrating Candice as the new principal of Copper Mesa!!




Students are always welcome to play on our playground and turf after 3:45 on school days, but we ask that an adult supervise them. Often, our BASE program has students playing on the playground and students who are not enrolled co-mingle with our BASE students, which makes it difficult for our BASE staff members to supervise their students. I also ask that your children please stay out of the rocks, and bushes and not swing on the trees after school. As I always say, safety is our number one priority and I am sure it is yours too!!


Thank you and I hope to see many of you at the Silent Auction on Saturday!!



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On Friday, the Mindset Mission Assembly is visiting our school! NED and our students take a journey to find their positive mindset. The show is filled with storytelling, humor, illusions and amazing yo-yo tricks where our kids learn the hidden message in NED's name: Never give up — understand The Power of YET Encourage others — spark courage in other people Do your best® — always be learning and growing. Do you want to learn to yo? A yo-yo is both a mindset tool and a tangible reminder of NED's message. While learning to yo, children will make mistakes, try again and improve. Please see the parent letter for information on ordering a yoyo! The dates for yoyo sales will be April 5-12. You can purchase them on MySchool Bucks. Thanks!!

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